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Retired Dogs of the decade 2000

When we first wrote this page, it was early in the decade...now we find ourselves in the latter half of the 2000s and several things that were in the present are now in the past!  We have retired several bitches from our breeding program, and have a few new up-and-comers in the wings.  We'll start by talking about the events and dogs that began the decade.

Our Move from Louisiana to Texas, and our present dogs...

The year 2000 found us moving back to Texas from Louisiana and taking some good young dogs who had been tested on stock but had not been trained.  Possum had whelped what we thought would be her last litter at the end of 1996 by our friends‘ young dog, 45 Ranch Rem's Cody owned by the Burlesons Oklahoma.  Cody was a fancy low heeling dog and we bred to get a daughter to keep.  That daughter is “Whitney” whose official name is  Slash V Bittersweet Frosting.


Whitney was the self appointed guardian of my yard from our sheep and used to lie in wait for them until they almost reached the roses and then take them back to the pasture. This worked beautifully for several months until I guess her fetching instinct came forward and she would turn around and fetch them back to the yard. We started her on cattle and she definitely inherited Cody’s strength on the heels rather than her mother’s strong heading instinct. In the fall of 1999 we would nearly lose her to a "fatal unless treated" fungal disease called Blastomycosis caused by inhalation of spores growing around creeks and ponds. Whitney lost an eye, we spent a lot of money, but saved a really nice dog. She had her first litter at the age of five so their story will be one of this decade. Meanwhile she is our house dog and fits all the criteria I demand: guardian and protective toward strangers, accepting of people when we tell her it is okay, and trustworthy with our cats.  Whitney is now retired and spends her time like she always has...supervising my house cats and shedding hair on my quilt!

Seeney (retired)

Although Seeney has never been trialed and not extensively trained, we would like to make a statement about her.

This is one of the top four bitches we have ever had the privilege of breeding and owning. Her sheer  natural talent and stock savvy does not come along often, and it has been an honor to have her here at the Slash V.

Slash V Third Charm "Seeney"

The last litter we had from Young Kate (Zia’s Buckeye Charmer STDcs)  toward the end of the previous decade produced some very special dogs.  Sired by Lookaway Luke, the daughter we kept would have many of the working traits we admire in her half brother, Iron Will. 

Slash V Third Charm, "Seeney"

We call her Seeney and named her after her mother and grandmother: thus she is Slash V Third Charm. Seeney resembles her grandmother more than her mother and has more of her grandmother’s working style. She works quiet, strongest on the head but she will heel cattle low with a very strong fetching instinct on sheep . She has quite a bit of eye and will approach standing stock straight on with confidence.

Seeney is like her mother and grandmother also in her attitude toward people - there are no strangers. Like them, she is independent and doesn’t demand a lot of attention but would rather just be around us rather than receiving a lot of affection. Kind of like a cat but much more trainable!  Seeney is also retired from our breeding program.

Seeney’s littermates all went to working homes although we kept her brother, Slash V Jim Dandy for several years. He has a STDc from a couple of trials and now lives in Nebraska. "Jimmie" works very much like his mother, Young Kate, and loves to heel. 

The only blue male was sold to Dicky Renn in Maryland to work on his dairy. The way Dicky describes this dog it appears he has a style similar to Seeney. This farm dog turned Dicky into a trialer and their accomplishment of WTCH Slash V Luke Cowwalker is the result of this transformation!  After a successful trial career including some nice High In Trial wins, Luke works at home and is trialed by Dicky's daughter. Now his puppies are in the trial arena winning. The other two littermates are working on farms in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Slash V Sweet and Innocent

In the fall of 1997 we bred Possum’s sister, "Lodi" HOF Slash V Sweet N Innocent to Diamond S Sam.  Lodi whelped a litter that would include three Working Trial Champions...WTCH Slash V Dark Rider PATDs, WTCH Slash V Sage and Cinnamon, and WTCH Slash V Slide Me Six .  Lodi became HOF Dam #184 in summer 2004.

When we moved from Louisiana back to Texas in the spring of 2000 Key and Lodi brought with them their last litters, both by Diamond S Sam.  We would keep two of Key’s puppies; the only black puppy in the litter, Slash V Skipa Star and a red female, Slash V Latigo Lacing.  Latigo went to live with our friends George and Jo Kimes and had a brief career in the show ring (with some nice class wins), which she found very boring.  Her visit was intended to be temporary, but the attachment between Latigo and Jo’s granddaughter, Shelby, and Latigo’s love of her new home were too much.  Latigo had found her forever home.   Latigo has made a few visits back here to our place and has produced a couple of lovely litters for us.

Skip is a very keen worker with a strong fetching style.  We had three really nice litters by Skip, keeping a son (Smokey, listed below) out of Whitney whelped in the spring of 2002.  Skip has also found that special home in Iowa with Tracey and Amanda MacPherson, C-Me Australian Shepherds.

Slash V Latigo Lacing

photo by Mike Arnett

Back in 1996 we had bred Key to Dude and in 2001 we had the opportunity to get back a daughter from that breeding,  Slash V Cajun Key "Cage."

Slash V Cajun Key

One of the reasons we felt so fortunate to get Cage back is that both of her parents were not only good, but outstanding real life ranch working dogs.  Real serious work is a test that so many dogs do not get and one that is most important to us.

Cage represents the very special maternal line that to me represents the real Slash V dog.  There is a straight line right back through every special female of their time starting with her mom Key and then directly to Possum, Paper Doll, Ticki, Red Fudge and to Martin's Josie whelped in the sixties.  Two strong doses of Paper Doll and Little Rock on her sire's side just add strength to the qualities that make her a true Slash V dog in personality, looks, and working ability.  She is exactly as the Standard states, "reserved with strangers" and "primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts". 

Slash V Rufus STDs

When we "discovered" the Easy Goer x Kate son, Slash V Rufus STDs, thanks to his family Terry & Margi Layman, we made the cross of Rufus x Cage which is a cousin to cousin mating. 

Rufus was shipped to us from Washington, worked a week later, and could have been on stock all his life. He had never seen a cow or a sheep and was amazing. These puppies will also be part of the future.  His daughter, “Pocket,” is showing a lot of the same instinct we saw in Rufus.

Pocket (retired)

Slash V Patch Pocket

Slash V Rufus x Slash V Cajun Key (Female, Red Tri)

Pocket is the offspring of Rufus and Cage.  Pocket was my "keeper" out of Rufus and Cage's only litter. She also was a "leftover puppy" out of four red tri females in the litter. She has turned out even better than I ever expected and especially with her offspring. She is totally the easiest dog to live with I have ever had, and in that way much like her grandmother, Key. Completely laid back and almost placid until there is something to do and then up for the job. She works quiet, has quite a bit of eye on sheep but not much on cattle. She is untrialed but her littermate brother, WTCH Slash V Han Solo has won many HIT awards including at Nationals and has qualified several times for the National Finals.  She is totally comfortable with people. We kept Pocket's son Tide from her first litter by WTCH Slash V Slide Me Six and he is pictured on the present dog page.

Slash V Creole Key

WTCH Aggieland's Rocky Top x Slash V Cajun Key, red merle bitch, born March '06

Cree is strong and silent on cattle and balanced on heads and heels. She is the kind of dog a rancher could take out and work with little or no training.  I love that she has the "look" of a Slash V dog which she comes by honestly. Not only was her sire conceived from frozen semen from WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland (whelped 1980) which brings the old dogs up so close, Cree gives us a direct line back from Cage to Key to Possum to Paper Doll to Ticki to Red Fudge.  She is the seventh generation of the best females we have bred along with a sire who brings the old dogs up as close as possible.  Each bitch in her maternal line was the very best of what their mother produced and each one has been an outstanding producer. Not bad for a keeper! Unlike her mother, Cree does not have "strong guardian instinct" and pretty much likes everyone she meets. However, the genes are there as they are with most Aussies.

Working with Russ Ford's Kate (Rocky x Hope, who is a Smokey daughter)


Slash V Steel Smoke x Slash V Third Charm


red merle female whelped Feb. 2006
Halo is a full sister to our Star and Katy as well as full sister to Sidey and Sage who are pictured on the "Bred by Slash V" page.  Halo spent the first five years of her life with Robyn Matthews in Canada doing such interesting things as competing on a very successful flyball team, doing agility and disk training, skijoring, attending some sheep clinics, and in general being a wondeful companion.  We have been fortunate to have Halo back with us and have found her to be not only a beautiful girl but just plain fun to have around.   She is smart, easy to get along with, a super athlete, and talented on stock.  She is a daughter of Smokey and her sisters have produced some amazing offspring by Tide who are also pictured on the Bred by Slash V page.

Halo2 halo1

Slash V Skipa Star x Slash V Bittersweet Frosting
Born March '05, female blue merle, OFA Good

Whicket is Smokey's younger sister. She works quiet and a little stronger on the heads than heels and has never worked sheep. Whicket is another laid back easy going girl (the kind we like). She is a little reserved with strangers (like the Breed Standard says she should be) but has never been aggressive toward people. Her mother only had two litters and this is a cross I wanted not only a male from, but a bitch too. I lucked out and both of them are red producers, something they only had a 50-50 chance of being. Her pedigree is unique in that she combines 1/4 Twin Oaks and Windsong, 1/4 Hangin Tree, and 1/2 Slash V with the Slash V being both maternal lines. Whicket is one who gets along with all whether it is dogs, cats, or people - a true sweet dog who continues our line using that word "sweet".


Slash V Steel Smoke x Slash V Third Charm
Female blue merle, born Feb '05, OFA Good

Star is from a cross that has turned out to be one of those magic ones. Once in awhile it happens that there is just the right nick, and this cross has produced some very amazing dogs. I sometimes think their owners should have their own internet list to share their stories about Sidey, Halo, Bunny, Tex, Sage..... Star was chosen to be a keeper by Steve's wife, Heather, and it was the perfect choice. She was just one of those puppies who did everything right and has never changed. On cattle she is a low heeler who will bite the face, works quiet and loves it. She had never been around children and loves and tolerates everything their daughter, Justyn, does with and to her. If Star was from a magic cross, the cross of Star on Tide is another one.  Their puppies are working stock, winning in Agility, and from the reports we get back, are incredible companions and pets.  It is turning out that the cross of Tide on Smokey daughters and his sister is one of those that breeders dream of and we first found that out with Star since she is the oldest of the three we have out of Smokey and Seeney.

Below:  Star with Justyn, Steve and Heather's little girl.  "Star" was Justyn's first word!

Slash V Buckeye Charm "Katy"  (Retired)
red bi female whelped 9/06 OFA Excellent
Slash V Steel Smoke x Slash V Third Charm
Katy was Seeney's last puppy, literally, as she was a single pup.  She is a full sister to Star as well as full sister to several amazing ranch dogs, and two winning agility dogs.  We were fortunate to get exactly what we wanted - one last daughter from this successful cross.  Katy is a super athlete and probabably the fastest dog we have and has the quiet style we want on stock.  She has offspring winning in Agility, working on ranches, and in companion homes.


Slash V Lycan Fudge "Fudge"  (Retired)
Slash V Shining Tide x Slash V Sweet N Whicket
Red merle female whelped October 2010 OFA Good
Our Tide x Whicket cross has produced some wonderful dogs and Fudge was our choice to keep from that cross.  She has the type and the look of our old dogs (kind of a “Fudge” look), and a great personality along with that working ability they must have.  This cross that produced her put good things from both parents into the offspring – as it should be.  Her very special mom is retired now, but they are still best friends!

Slash V Clary Fray "Clary"  (Retired)
Slash V Steel Smoke X Slash V Creole Key
red merle female whelped August 2009 OFA Good
Clary is from a favorite cross I have made, and is currently my house dog.  She is the most protective of the dogs I own at this time but sweet and gentle with my cat and small dog and with the only child she knows.  I chose her to live in my house and to guard us all.  Her grandmother (Whitney) was my heart dog for many years so I have a piece of her close to me.  Clary did not see cattle, although she did work some goats, until she was nearly three, but one look at them and she knew just what to do.  She heels low and will grip on the face and works silent.


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