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Slash V Steel Smoke (Retired)


Slash V Skipa Star x Slash V Bittersweet Frosting, (Male, Blue Merle with White)
OFA Good

In the spring of 2002 we had several litters and did not intend to keep any puppies.  All three bitches were five and it was the first litter for all of them.  I can't claim that I had a "plan" when I was attracted to a blue male puppy the color of smoke.  I don't particularly like blue merles and we seldom keep a male.  Out of the three litters that smoke colored puppy was the last one to sell.  From the beginning he had decided he was "my dog" and each time someone was choosing a puppy I didn't want it to be "the puppy who lived in the water pan".  In the end I knew he would stay. 

 Steve used to kid me that "Smokey" was a silly common name and besides the dog was too pretty to ever be a stockdog.  It was when I suggested he start him on the sheep (Steve didn't know I had tried it already) that he had to admit that my "pretty dog with the common name" was pretty darn talented. 

Smokey has a strong fetching instinct and that uncanny ability to keep his stock together.  He is calm and works deliberate with some eye.  Since we didn't have cattle for a time I have took him several places to work.  The first time I had him at Russ Ford's, Smokey had watched Rocky work and the adrenalin was definitely flowing.  When he was turned loose in the pen with the calves he was all over them - silent but biting everywhere.  oh oh..... That lasted for about a minute or two and then without us doing anything he backed off and quietly drove them around the pen.  At first we left him alone and just watched him as he would circle around and turn them seeming as comfortable in front as he was behind.  Russ, who Smokey had never seen before, stepped in with the stick and started directing him - we were both impressed.  Smokey still hasn't had a lot of work on cattle but everything has been positive.  No bark and he will hit both ends, shows some eye on the approach, rates his stock = a keeper!  We now have cattle again, and as I have been able to work him with regularity here at home, I am really happy that the little blue water pan puppy that is the color of smoke stayed at Slash V.

Smokey has produced Working Trial Champions, multiple other stockdog titled offspring, Agility winners with multiple titles, as well as a Conformation Champion.  We have three of his daughters in our breeding program who are carrying on his ability to produce talented stockdogs with the ability to just about anything asked of them.

We've created a page specifically for Smokey's Offspring so that you can have a look at what he's produced.

WTCH Slash V Slide Me Six x Slash V Patch Pocket
Red bi male, born Feb '06, OFA Good

Tide is if not the most talented male we have owned, he is close.  He works absolutely silent, heels real low, grips on the face, and if he can get it done will heel a front leg.  He does not work with a lot of eye but works like a dog with eye if that makes sense.  He is very deliberate and rates his stock and the kind of dog that walks up with confidence knowing he is in charge.  Steve chose him from half a dozen male puppies in the litter for no reason that I could see - but what a great choice!  His mother is a littermate sister to Solo who needs no introduction to the Aussie world and there are similarities between the uncle and nephew -  probably the biggest difference is that Tide prefers the heels.  Strong quiet powerful red dogs with a presence.  Tide loves people and is super easy to get along with.

Tide spring of 2016 at ten



Hardin’s \V Chickasaw Chief x WTCH Ce-Me Hardin’s Black Magic Woman RTDsc
Male, red bi, whelped 2/1/07, OFA Excellent

We purchased Titan summer of 2012 and he was being worked on a ranch on cattle and has produced quality offspring. We have worked him and are very pleased with his talent, outgoing personality, and easy to live with disposition. We will be using him as an outcross although he does trace back to some of our dogs so hopefully will preserve the type we are striving for. He has never been formally trained or trialed but his littermate sister, Finesse, won the 2011 USDAA Agility Grand Prix – no small accomplishment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t-MZLnCMjM

H Cross Short Round "Sugar" 
Slash V Rocky’s High Man X Slash V Fast Time
Black bi female whelped Feb 2011  OFA Fair
Sugar was bred by Bob Henderson of the H Cross and of course out of two parents bred by the Slash V.  I had been watching her as she grew up and she looked great on cattle, so when I had a chance to trade for her I jumped on it.  She is every bit as sweet as her call name and is a seriously good cow dog.   She heels low, works quiet, and tough on the head – what more could you want?  She also has extremely nice conformation, very correct, pretty face, and a true athlete.  It was very satisfying to get a girl of this quality back that someone else made the breeding decision but used Slash V dogs to create her. 

Slash V Smoke Thief  “Draki”
Slash V Steel Smoke X Slash V Creole Key
blue merle female whelped July 2011, OFA Excellent

Draki is my youngest Smokey daughter and a full sister to Clary.  She also works silent and has pretty much just worked cattle in the pasture.  She has excellent conformation and plenty of athletic ability.  Where her sister is somewhat territorial, Draki is friendly with everyone and gets long with dogs and kids.  She is from a cross that has produced many really nice stockdogs and she was my choice to keep back from her mom’s last litter.

Slash V Molly  “Molly”
(Hardin’s Tennessee Titan x Slash V Sweet N Whicket)
Red Bi Female whelped Nov 4 2014  OFA pending
Molly is from Whicket’s last litter and I hope will carry on her legacy of “sweet” and wonderful Aussies.  She went to cattle at an early age and works silent and will grip both ends.  She has a lot of instinct to keep her stock together and left on her own to work will often be holding them in a corner.  But she can get them out of that corner!  Thanks to my friend Bob Henderson for these pictures taken by Katelynn S Bryant while she was staying with him summer of 2016 and learning the ropes from her older sister, Savvy.  Whicket produced many wonderful working dogs as well as companions bred to both Tide and Titan.



Leftover Puppies???

How many times have I heard that "we don't want the leftover puppy"?  Pocket was the "leftover" in her litter and so was Smokey in his.  Please read my article "Leftover Puppies" to hear about some pups who grew up to have a major impact on the breed.

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Steve Winn & Terry Martin
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