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"ASCA" stands for the Australian Shepherd Club of America, the original and parent club for our breed. A must-visit for information on Aussies.  
Aussie Info


Historical information, background and development of the breed--a study of just what the working Australian Shepherd IS.
Working Aussie Source


Great source of information about working Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherd Pedigree Database


A huge source of pedigree information compiled by ASCA member Patrick McRoberts.  All of the pedigrees on this site were taken from his database for web use (thanks Patrick!).
Stockdog Trainer Locater


A list of stockdog trainers in North America, organized by state and province.
Herding on the Web


HERDING ON THE WEB provides listings and links for all Herding breeds along with suggested books and supplies







AGRIHELP is the working dog portion of a larger agricultural site.  This site has some interesting and informative articles on different breeds of stockdogs.  I would warn those who have or are considering the Australian Shepherd that some of the information is fairly breed specific with some of the advice not, in my opinion, appropriate for Aussies.  For instance, when the author refers to concern for a pup becoming too sticky if you put him in certain situations, this is not a normal problem for an Aussie.  Although there are many similarities in training the different breeds, there are some definite differences in the way they develop and think.  Some of the advice I read on this site would not be what I would suggest for an Aussie.  The author(s) also impose their ideas on AKC recognition and registries and are not coming from a working Australian Shepherd nor a working Border Collie persons' perspective.  Taking these things into account, it is an interesting site.
White Aussies


Good information and explanation of the excessive white Australian Shepherd.
Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute


Information about health problems that can occur in Australian Shepherds and also information about color, markings, and other inherited traits.
Articles on Common Complaints about Dog Behaviour


This website is owned by my friend Lisa Giroux, a dog trainer.  The articles are a must-read if you are experiencing stress as a result of the way your dog is acting.   She provides direct advice to help solve many of the most common "behaviour problems."  Lisa also provides free telephone and email consultations.
AKC and the Aussie


Describes how the AKC acquired the Australian Shepherd.


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